Dünya Atay is a visual artist & designer who works with different mediums across various branches of art – from illustration to graphic design, street art to sculpture. Playing, questioning, destroying and most of the times rejecting what is given as real and creating her own reality is what she does. She works mainly with ink, gouache and assorted print media.



Map & brochure design for Australian Embassy
Becks Art Label project winner
“Australia in Istanbul” map & brochure design for Australian Embassy
Album art & design for Mirkelam, Hayko Cepkin, Yol Project, Mine Cayıroglu
Avon – Guinness Records: Biggest Mural Made Of Makeups
Interior Wall illustration for Pernod Ricard
Interior Wall illustration for Dukkan Burger
Interior Wall Typography for Mobilike Office, Levent
Interior Wall illustration for Dirty Club
Street art & illustration for Miller Freshcl
Street art & illustration for Masterpeace
Streetart for Adidas / Adidas Originals Street Party
Iphone cover design for Tesan
Shoe Design & Illustration for Reebok on Freestyles
Character design & installation for Coca Cola at IKSV Jazz Festival
Tshirt Design for Jack & Jones, Selected Femme, Pieces, Mamalicious, Noisy May, Veromoda


Joie Panique – Premices
Monsterbox / Slanted
Lurzer’s Archive 2016/17 200 Best Illustrators
Lurzer’s Archive 2011/12 200 Best Illustrators
Fresh 3 Cutting Edge Illustrations
Quatro Publishing-Digital Illustration
Juxtapoz Magazine
Bant Magazine


2018 Illustrators – Dada Salon Art Gallery, Istanbul 2017 IFFR Young Selectors – Rotterdam
2017 Cruissing on the Limits – Pixie, Istanbul
2017 Karisik Kaset – Bina, Istanbul
2016 Mindscapes – Sofa Hotel, İstanbul
2015 Sözler Barış Manço – İstanbul
2014 Steyoyoke in Brasil – Ritter Butzke, Berlin
2013 Agenda 2013- Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt
2012 Dalgadan Once – Babylon Launge, Istanbul
2012 Hayvan Gibi Sergi – Milk Gallery & Design Store, Istanbul
2011 Even My Mom Can Make A Book 2 – Apartment Project, Istanbul
2011 Destroy Istanbul – Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin
2010 Health Stealth – Weltraum Gallery, Munich
2010 Arthomes Project – Munich & Istanbul
2010 L’art Sans Frontieres – Turkish Consulate General, Paris
2010 Even My Mom Can Make A Book – Manzara Perspectives, Istanbul
2010 Streetart Istanbul, Istanbul
2010 Inside Out – a private demolished building, Istanbul
2010 Bilincalti / Subconsciousness group exhibition – 6.45 Gram, Istanbul
2009 Senin Yerin Benim Yanım / Ece Gökalp & Dünya Atay – Eldem Art Gallery, Eskisehir
2009 Banane & Building Art group exhibition – the Building, Istanbul
2009 Urban Bridges – Gallery Nauwieser 19, Saarbrucken, Germany
2009 Bir Günlük Sergi 2 / One Day Exhibition 2 – Sacred Ink, Istanbul
2009 Bir Günlük Sergi / One Day Exhibition – Play Studio, Istanbul
2009 Morphosis / Street art group exhibition – Banker Han, Istanbul
2009 Yerel llüstratörler / Local Illustrators 01 group exhibition – Mtaar, Istanbul
2009 İstanbul Street Style Fashion & Art Exhibition – The Hall, İstanbul
2008 Resfest: Digital Heaven, Digital Hell group exhibition – Dogu Otomotion, Istanbul
2008 Istanbul Street Style Fashion Film Festival – the Hall, Istanbul
2008 Tahran Bienalle – Hafriyat, Istanbul / Berlin / Belgrad